Baby steps challenge update

This will be a short post: I LOVE microfiber cloths! I can’t believe it took me so long to discover them.

The baby steps challenge for this month is giving up paper towels, you can read about it here.

Thanks again for your great advice!


  1. Canadian Saver says

    I bought some a few years ago and thought they were expensive to purchase, but after dozens of washes, I didn't find them costly at all!

    I could give up paper towels too, but my roommate (sister) insists she needs them!!

    Good luck!

  2. Lisa says

    I haven't bought a roll of paper towels in probably a year. A couple of months ago we won a free bag of groceries from a local store. Lo and behold, it contained a roll of paper towels! It's still sitting unopened atop the microwave. Maybe they'll get opened during the holidays…or maybe I'll end up having them bronzed!!!

  3. Carla says

    Just this morning I chose an old washcloth from the drawer to be a fat/oil mopping cloth and wiped out a cast iron pan. I've got so many rags and cloths from years of marriage that it seems un-frugal to buy something like microfiber cloths. Why NOT designate a cloth or two for icky jobs and use them consistenly?

  4. This Thrifted Life says

    I only had a lone (sniffle) microfiber cloth that I did for most of my cleaning, and I supplemented with rags I'd made form old cotton tees. The microfiber cloth I bought a few years ago was the only one Target carried, and it was $4 for just one! But apparently I should've been keeping an eye on their prices, because my MIL just bought me a couple of 4-packs for just $5 a pack. Now I can really get cleaning! :)

    Glad you are enjoying yours!

  5. Non Consumer Girl says

    Great Angela! I love mine too. I have different colours for different kinds of cleaning, and I have had them for a few years now. I just put them in the wash ( no fabric softener remember, as this damages the fibres you need for cleaning) and they are ready for the next job!

  6. Angela says

    So many have discovered the brilliance of microfiber cloths- I'm so glad to be among you!

    Carla- Anything that gets us to use less paper towels is both frugal and green and that's good. I agree you can just use rags, but in our case that hadn't worked for all jobs. My husband is very good about using different rags for dirty, oily type jobs outside, in the garage and basement, and for cleaning. But for the kitchen we're finding the microfiber cloths are doing the trick. They only cost about 2 dollars, and we're using 2 although I'll probably buy a few more.

    Thank you all for your comments!

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