Interview in Your Daily Thread

The Los Angeles online magazine Your Daily Thread is featuring an article about my year on The Compact. Click here to check it out. Your Daily Thread is a great resource about green and sustainable living for Los Angelenos.

I met the writer, Danielle Davis, when we both had an article in The Simple Living Network newsletter a few months back. She asked if she could interview me and I agreed. It was fun to meet her, although strange for me to answer so many questions about myself.

She’s a terrific writer, who also writes children’s books along with her green living articles. Click here to check out her contribution to the Simple Living Network newsletter. She also has a blog called Less is More Balanced, which I love. I’ll tell you all about it in a future post.


  1. steph says

    awesome, Ang!

    What a fun project this has been for you.
    So glad I've gotten to follow your adventure.
    Also, love that happy baby photo.
    Before I even read your caption – I thought of the yoga pose and was glad to see the photo example of how to do the pose perfectly!! (thanks ACTUAL happy baby)


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