Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! Enjoy your special day. These photos are from my favorite plant, the Matilija Poppy. It grows like a weed, and hardly needs any water, just a lot of sun. Perfect for southern California. Wishing everyone a sunny day.


  1. Alea says

    Beautiful pictures! I have never seen the Matilija Poppy before, but it sounds like it might like Nevada. I am going to ask about it at my local nursery.

  2. Angela says

    I’ll bet it would like Nevada. These flowers are big- about 5 inches across. And the plant is huge- it gets to 6 or 8 feet wide within a few months. It’s incredible. The Latin name is Romneya Coulteri.

  3. Ellen says

    If you ever get seeds from your poppies, I’d love to trade sometime! Beautiful pictures–thanks for sharing!

  4. thefrugalmusician says

    ANGELA! LOVE the photos of the poppies. They’re gorgeous!

    I viewed these as my Mothers Day flowers!

    thank you!

  5. Kate Sommers says

    Yes thank you for posting these.I also viewed them as my Mothers Day flowers.These last a lot longer!
    I’ve never seen this type before.They almost don’t look real,they’re beautiful!

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