Day 5 without shopping: Catalog junkie

Okay, confession time. I was straightening up over the weekend and found a catalog I’d marked a page in a couple of weeks back. There was a blouse I wanted to order, but I forgot about it. I’m a big catalog shopper, mostly because I hate malls. So here’s the confession part: I actually considered ordering the blouse. My thought process was something like “Who will know?” Crazy! I mean really, this is how our lizard brains work. Because after all, who other than my husband is going to know if I cheat on any of this? It doesn’t have to be a catalog!

Anyway, it made me realize how my mind works- namely, that suddenly I had to have THAT top, that it was the one item that would bring my whole wardrobe together, etc. I think this was the thing that made me stop shopping and go mostly to catalogs in the first place. I’d be in a store or walking through the mall, and really think I needed this stuff, even when I had too many things to wear as it was.

I’m going to have to throw those catalogs away without looking at them from now on, obviously. Better yet, I have to stop them from coming once and for all. Look for a future post on that topic…


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